No Judgement

Session 2 part 2

Session 2 part 2

Veiling truth in mystery

“Finally” Nevyn sighed to himself. They had eventually found the campsite of the lost patrol at the third “likely” location that Zeiv had proposed. They had been gone from the keep for fourteen days now and if it had not been for Thorlak’s and the ranger’s ability to find food they would have had to turn back by now.

Thorlak kicked the half finished fortification. This was a good location for a defensive forward post he thought to himself. Atop a small rise, with boulders forming a natural protective position at the pinnacle the veteran barbarian thought he could hold the hill, or at least make the blood price high. Then why were there no signs of bloodshed or the patrol? They were able to find a tiny fire pit, some preliminary attempts at fortification, plenty of boot prints, including a trail of kicked over rocks and broken branches leading east.



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